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A Doctor has invented a gun that sprays on skin cells and turns extreme burns into healthy skin in 4 days. WARNING: graphic images of burns.


The countries of Europe (inspired by x)

Track: Thinkin Bout You
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Thinkin Bout You | Frank Ocean

I just saw the saddest post on my dash… filled with the most disgusting comments in support of Darren Wilson on his gofundme page. it’s so VILE… I CANNOT bring myself to reblog it, not even in the hope that it might open someone’s eyes. this is the bullshit that makes me want to leave America today, right now, this minute. uuuuuuugh.


Three of the last four Disney films that starred POC were the Emperor’s New Groove in 2000, Brother Bear in 2003 and Princess and the Frog in 2009.

What did they have in common?





harry potter + tumblr text posts

People outside the U.S.: The fuck is going on in America?
People inside the U.S.: The fuck is going on here?


if october to january isn’t your favorite time of the year you’re wrong


What was the original purpose for this website because something went wrong along the way

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